React Basics!

React Basics!

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Ansub Khan
·Jan 20, 2022·

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💭 What is React?

  • A UI library developed by Facebook
  • creates interactive, stateful, and reusable components
  • it uses Virtual DOM
  • example: Instagram .com is completely written in React

✨ Features is React?

  • it makes quick and responsive apps
  • uses Virtual DOM
  • Does Server-Side Rendering
  • Single Way Data Flow *Open Source

😌 Why Use React?

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • it is fast, simple, and scalable
  • it uses a component-based approach
  • no need for direct DOM Manipulation
  • Increases App Performance

🥺 Limitations Of React

everything has some limitations and React is not an exception!

  • it is very rapidly evolving which might get difficult for some developers to keep up.
  • Inline HTML and JSX confuses a lot of people.
  • Size of the Library is quite large.
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